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tv   [untitled]    October 30, 2013 11:30am-12:01pm PDT

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programs and this is for new affordable housing there would be a decrease from 9 hundred 98 million down in the house version was funded and perhaps most dramatically on the community block rent program that effects the largest number of our nonprofits it's a tad over $3 billion and the house reduced it down to 6 billion so almost a .45 persecute. i doubt that will go forward. in some ways i feel it is probably going to be another version of people coincident agree on anything that was status quo.
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we'll be releasing just before thanksgiving the proposals will be did you before the christmas break and returning to you probably in mid-april in budget and finance for you to have a chance to review all our funding recommendations and we do every year >> okay. thanks many chu colleagues, any questions or comments? let's open this up for public comment. seeing none, public comment is closed. colleagues, we have a motion to move this forward. okay mr. clerk call item 3 >> have the human relations agency to enter a loan agreement to renovate the bed for a
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homeless shelter. >> okay. colleagues that has been introduced and we're joined by our colleague in district 100 so supervisor cowen. >> thanks everyone for coming out and i you appreciate you inviting me. i'm not able to stay for the entire public comments i wasn't prepared for f this to be called before item 3. this is first came to my attention when the human agency and hope asked me to offer a resolution for a state grant fund. at the time i expressed my concerns about the facts i saw no discussion about the proposal prior to the city submitting their application for new york
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with the property owner. we're accepting money from the state for a facility that's going to have an impact on a neighborhood a that's it there's been zero conversation around. it's next door to the consult of human services also known as mother brown's kitchen. it's an asset in the community and doing work that not that i can recall has been left undone. they permitted the need services to a population that is struggling. rex their contributions mother brown has been embraced for years. there's a big difference between diane that mother brown currently provides and a 24 hour shelter. given there's been no outreach
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process with the application i personally conducted two community meetings and salty heard more concerns about the proposal then support. this issue has split the community. all the concern you may hear today, i have - i still have a number of concerns that are to be revolved. the city should have conducted outreach and engaged stakeholders about this proposal before they applied for the state funds. no one that i spoke with participated in the process. it's not acceptable to conduct no community process around it and frankly i don't think of any community it would be tolerated (clapping) second issue of concern is the
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site use and appropriateness. the site those funds have been secured for doesn't currently have residential uses so there's been a zoning issue we have to deal with. the city is going to have to rezone this rfp and it's a process that raises several concerns l about the public works dr space. i don't know if anyone has had an opportunity to read the proposal. i have heard a number of different reports proposed for the site it's only recently i've seen and it's not clear was it 24 hour drop in center is going to look like. the city is - i recently heard that the city is going to close other shelters in the bay view.
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province e providence which it's open there's been very little conversation and i've yet to receive the facts. the khan proposal makes it difficult to support or noted support it. i want to say that the bayview has homeless services we have a shelter and to my knowledge its not to full capacity. we have services provided by mother brown that assist homeless citizens this is not a new issue not a classic in my backyard. we're talking about a community that is embarrassing a very
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fragile population. we have a misdemeanor done meal program and i've not seen any appropriate existing services whether examinations is warranted. no detail is point number 5 sorry. no detailed on how to address the negative impacts on the neighborhood. calls for services and please services not only to mother brown but to friendly liquor store. this is where the city is pouring million dollars dollars and public safety and quality of life enhancement and finally, we're good evening beginning to get our fair share of resources. in the last few months we've had two robberies on the corner.
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i'm not saying this is a cause-and-effect i'm highlighting the friend of mine effect we're highlighting a fragile part of our population in a fragile community. we know there is an impact of having - i haven't seen there's loitering or funds for public safety. i firmly believe this proposal there would be a significantly more talk about this. alley i know that many of the neighbors are ready to have a
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discussion about the homeless population. my inability is not about being homeless. i think we have have a citywide conversation in how to provide better services across the city so all of san francisco, california shoulder the responsibility of serving others (clapping.) also, we need to have a conversation citywide about the involvement of neighbors and advocates should be at the table but that conversation isn't happening and the cities secured the funds there's no flexibility to discuss alternative locations because the process the city conducted that's why i'm here today. colleagues, you know, because of this issue i've articulated
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earlier and despite the specific nature of the grant i ask you not support in item. you can hear the passion in my voice i support this item (clapping) so the neighbors >> excuse me. excuse me. everybody we have a policy of no applause here if you wish to support or have option we have a well tried-and-true procure i can wave your hands but please
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everyone in this chamber and be respectful of everyone in this chamber we deserve a comprehensive evaluation and an open dialog if not we can have a discussion on another location. let's be clear this is not an indictment whether their honoring their mission or not this is an opportunity for us to begin to have a serious dialog around community planning. and if you guys are going to move it forward at least not with a recommendation. mr. chair, i have some questions for the sf s a when it's priority >> we have a few speakers. >> good morning, supervisors. director of human services director agrees. we're seeking approval to expand an emergency housing if anything of forgiveable lien for
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$8,978,000 to open a homeless shelter that is next to mother brown's kitchen. it's located mother brown's kitchen is on the corner of having an dike and kitchen. the resource center is located on a block that has several industrial warehouses we'll hear today. i want to rewind about 2 and a half years since supervisor cowen talked about this. it was late in the summer about 2011 i went out to visit with mother brown's kitchen and what i noticed when - was simply not acceptable. really not acceptable from a
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view of humiliate. i saw 70 or 80 chairs in an upper crowded space with no ventilation. i saw homeless individuals with their heads down in the cafe because they had no place to rest. i asked about the chairs and i was told folks sleep upright in those chairs. it's not what it was designed to do. the architecture work was not designed for sleeping but those folks had no alternative. i walked next door and noticed a vacant warehouse. the owner is the same owner who owns the drop center. i said there's money coming in 3 months let's make this a
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shelter. this was probable july or august of naivete. the application was did you august 2012. so i made the decision to move forward and recognizing there's no time we had to put together the grant and the cost estimates would it would do to rehab it. sometimes humanity has to trumpet the process and i made the decision this time it needed to be. we applied for the grant and received the grant. i'm calling it a grant. we ieshtd conversations about the lease. that's the story of how it evolved. when we look at the need for the
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shelter in the bayview there's clearly one. we do a bio analysis and what we found was we count both shelter homeless and unsheltered homeless so folks who are living on the street as well. we found for the first time there were more individuals living on the street - can i - there were more individuals living on the street in bayview we counted 12 hundred and 74 that's a point on would particular night in january. the second was was district 6. so what are the services when you're talking about street homeless. there are no shelters in
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district 10. the pro dense church has offered space in the evening hours. those are mats in the floor of a church. there's no meals or showers they pack up their stuff every morning pr the current 11 hundred beds we have 3 shltsz south of market and 3 in the tenderloin. there's 11 hundred shelter beds nothing permanent in the bay. you're going to hear about the array of services we have in district 10 we have some support of housing sites. but we don't have anything for being able used for single adults on the street. it would add 247 beds so people
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wouldn't have to leave in the morning. it's next to a resource drop in center right next door that offers meals, some case management and life skills training and cooperation with other services in the city. it's a nice nexus for daytime services. process wise what we intend to do is provide a bed everything lines up we would secure through a competitive procurement service. we have them fund the prevail fund currently its around $500,000 and we'll ged god and precede. since supervisor cowen mentioned
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there is no public process prior to h s submitting the process and i explained that. however, in 2013 there's been several community meeting in the office of hope the director has facilitated them. on the south east community commission meeting one was in march 5th in the bayview police department. the mayor met with a bunch of business folks before introducing this resolution. so there has been some dialog. supervisor as you know in discussion with our aids. so should this pass the full board the mayor will introduce two additionally measures. the special district legislation
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that would specifically exempt this location from the use of the area now. the lease will be heard at the land use committee and they will go through the planning commission so there are several other opportunities for the public input you subject to this discussion today. i'll including conclude with that >> thank you, supervisor cowen and supervisor mar. >> oh, supervisor moore can go first time and i want to jump in and ask mr. roker to talk about this and i take it wondering they point out to at least 83 duplicates but if you could explain why the numbers are accurate. >> sure. we've done this count since i believe 2007 although i think we
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did one in 2005. this is when we began the formal count we solicited volunteers to go out on a particular night in january and visually count folks that they see on the street that they presume or homeless. i mentioned the folks that are sheltered hospital east and jail. but the numbers you see per district were identified by volunteers and in terms of the numbers if anything one of the city officials that is charged with the homelessness that's not a reason to inflate the numbers. in terms of the increase 2011 we saw 11 hundred and 51 homes in
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the bayview and 1278 in 2012. they're very close to 2012 and 2013. and the notation that i inflaltd the numbers is in exchange any scrutiny >> how does is it compare to other areas. >> the tenderloin has gone down it was about 12 hundred and again, i'm going unsheltered. and it's been steeled increasing and then 2013 almost 13 hundred. the mission is another high impact neighborhood. again fairly steady throw in did
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few hundred rage we are seeing the increase in the bayview >> can i say when catholic charities work with envy office to open up a shelter for children and mothers it seemed there was really good community engagement. of course, there's some people who don't want homeless or children or mothers in their district but we work closely with so many groups to be supportive and now a lot of people give support. i'm wondering it seems from the data there wasn't that level of care in going out to reach for specify cowen and community groups. i see a dividend group in the room by why isn't that that kind of approach like in my district >> like i said imperative this
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is a face deadline. i didn't disor our agency didn't decide but about three or four weeks before the contraction was did i. it's a grant and we have to give money back if we don't use it. and like i said we'll have the dial. we've cited, you know, several drop in centers and a cough of other shelters and the process is also or can be stenos but as long as you have an open dialog we've established community advisory panels to make sure
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they're aware every step of the way. although we applied for this money in 2011 we're still early in the placing process. the designation hadn't been heard yet so there are a lot more opportunity for dialog. there's no contract with any service provider. so it's sort of late we received the grant 2012 and we keep getting extensions but recognizing it was a rocky start to the community process we in the office of hope are certainly welcome and feel it's necessary to continue the dialog should this resolution move forward. >> supervisor cowen. >> i wanted to also just to acknowledge this is a face timeframe this is not a cause.
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it's unfair to say there was no public process because of the face timeline. that's disingenuous. you mentioned my office has been in touch since late of last year that's correct but i have e-mail transitions saying quote we're interested and all the documentation that charley mentioned in order to sponsor in and to introduce this. i'm asking for supporting documents and this is dated in november 6th of 2012. there's very little conversation. the last time i heard about this was when the mayor speak about in january of 2013. i wanted to acknowledge that you
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yourself invited a site at mother brown's kitchen and noticed people were sleeping in chairs is that a cause for concern is that listed as an opportunity for a violation to be written up or did you ignore it >> it's not my job to write up those things nor am i aware of the codes of sleeping in chairs or what the codes are for occupancy. >> this is a non-residential occupancy so sleeping in chairs is not acceptable. has the department done an evaluation >> be more specific that were you point to the homeless count by the way, have we evaluated
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the other sites. >> supervisor there's only one shelter in the bayview and it's not a 24 shelter. it's on the floor of the church with mats where folks put their stuff in herself i didn't bags and leave in the morning. there's 12 hundred and 74 people on the streets >> have others provided temporary beds for this location. >> no, this pro dense can you be half-dozen years ago. >> that's the processing process for managing the shelters. >> we'll draft proposals that will lay out of the proposals and we'll solicit from nonprofit agencies their description of
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what they hope to provide the budget and staffing pattern and we'll convene a panel of independent folks based criteria. was the criteria >> we have not depend the criteria but it will be reasonableness of the budget and reasonableness of the staff patterns. effectiveness of the organizations in terms of the whole in terms of their fiscal history >> okay. next question what's the total grant. >> the total entrant will be sufficient to convert the bare bones house into a shelter. it also includes some improvements to the drop in shelter >> what are those improvements. >> i don't know. i guess
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bathroom upgrades and a door. >> so it seems like. >> i'm. >> there's not a lot of uncertainty. >> i have a colleague here to answer but we have an external door for folks. and how do you plan to pay for the total costs of this shelter i mean, the 978 is for the build out >> sure it's been in the budget was it introduced this year? or last year? >> this year. >> yeah, it's our currency your current 13, fourteen budget. >> t is this allocation for the next 2 years or 10 years. >> the board can't bloating
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this. >> thank you, supervisor cowen as a director stated this funding is allocated in the 13, fourteen budget it's precipitate $500,000. and we will need to - if the shelter does open we'll need to allocate those additionally fund or same fund in fiscal year fourteen, 15 and have you identified any particular funding to pay for this >> the general fund is proposed to pay for this. >> do you have any idea what it costs on an annual basis for the beds. >> it's about $500,000. >> for a year? >> yes. >> i trust that the director of human services agency has that